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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

______....______/\/\/\ Beat Beat throb beat BEAT beat /\/\/\___________..._____________

As we hold each other near we can feel it
As you hold your hand around her throat you can feel it
When you kiss her you can taste it
For once you can smell it all over her when she obeys your commands.
She will show you just how much it means to her when you make it pound
She will show you the way to hers when she is ready
It is not to be taken lightly
It is not yours to have nor hold until she feels safe
It throbs with every beat
She will feel safe with you when you protect it from others
How will you show her just how much it means to you when she shows you hers?

Curvey Barbie

lets get some things straight here. For all the girls that grew up with the barbie doll and tried your hardest to reach that body style. I am happy you failed. A thin body looks so sick not taken care of. Thank you Matel for making some of our women crazy as they can be to starve themselves to the point of losing everything they have to get to the perfect body that was instilled into their pretty heads from the start.
Now lets get back to the story at hand. Thank you for failing the diet that you could not hold onto to bring your body fat a few 100 levels down. You have the sexy body when you look like the old COKE bottles to start with. C U R V E S are what excite real men. Put a room full of guys up to look at women. Yes sure we look at the small barbie type women. We lust for them as much as you lusted for that perfect body. But 90% of us will go home with the woman with real curves at the end of the night. Those are real women.
Thank you most of you for not making it to the thin post. I really enjoy looking at a very beautiful woman with all the curves in the right places. I think more of you need to post pictures of yourself's for us to see what real women really look like and enjoy yourselves in your skin.
Lets get back to what nature intended here. Lets be bold beautiful. Post your pictures. Smile and feel great what your mother gave you. Do not cover it up. Be proud of what and who you are.
He has kept his twisted self to be himself.
Snarling at the world as we walk through it.
I can feel my twisted monster crying for release. For him to have to hear me say NO once more.
I can feel the animal just below the skin scratching it was to the surface.
Pulling at the meat between me and it.
Lashing out when my guard is down.
Peeling back on the years that I have kept it down.
I do not know what is going to come of him when I grow older and weaker in trying to keep all of it back.
My twisted monster I am afraid of showing all of it's hurt and rage to any ONE soul. It is a Primal in me I have been afraid of it full potential.
It shows me at times what has to be done. What it feeds on and how outrageous it has become of hearing the world.
It lashes at me to pull me to it. I know what it needs but I cannot give in to it's needs so easy. In the past I have let it feed on one soul only to see her pull away to walk away telling me never again. I dare not to release all of it to see it happen again.
I do not think this world needs to see what twisted soul less monster I have kept in the dark for so long can make me become.

Friday, July 6, 2012


to find your one 
a one that shares your heart beat 
She needs a spanking every once in a while 
a one that when you ask them to come to you they do They do not ask why they just do 
a one that when you kiss them they do not pull away 
They hold their breath 
a one that when you pull their hair
 They moan wanting more 
a one when you nibble their neck 
You can feel the life 
 a one when you suck her bottom lip and grab her throat 
she just thinks in the back of her mind 
 Thank you SIR

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Soul Catcher

Your feather touch has a blazing feeling
Everytime you touch me you set my world a blaze.

Your eyes as they look at me
I feel as if you are piercing my soul

I do not need to be near
to feel your heart beat

As time passes
As I get to know you better

I know I made the right choice
I know you are my one

You still blaze my world

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stone worker

The room that you are in the walls are so high I cannot climb them. Your stone walls are so thick the sun does not shine thru them. The winds of time has taken an effect on you that I have tried to unwind. The twined words of others has left you in this room. I am here I am not a climber. I will use this chisel to take down these walls. Annette I love you more and more as each day passes. These little stones at my feet , I will show you how I take care of them.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I just wanted to capture one heart
Just one heart !

I noticed you when you cracked a smile
I even told my self that I was your man.

I just wanted to capture your heart
Your man in the dark

The one you ran to when down
The one that you would want to talk to

I wanted to capture your heart
Just your heart
I know I can make promises
I know I can keep.